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laboratory [n][en]
1)a workplace for the conduct of scientific research
    Synonyms :lab research_lab research_laboratory science_lab science_laboratory laboratório laboratório_de_pesquisa laboratório_de_ciências laboratorio лаборатории лаборатория 实验室 laboratorio_de_investigación_de laboratorio_de_investigación laboratorio_de_ciencias Научно-исследовательская_лаборатория научно-исследовательская_лаборатория научная_лаборатория 研究实验室 科学实验室 ラボ 研究室 科学実験室 科学研究所 ricerca_di_laboratorio forschungslabor laboratoire recherche_en_laboratoire sciences_de_laboratoire 연구소 실험실 과학_실험실 
    See Also: work  bio_lab  chem_lab  defense_laboratory  lab_bench  physics_lab 
2)a region resembling a laboratory inasmuch as it offers opportunities for observation and practice and experimentation; "the new nation is a testing ground for socioeconomic theories"; "Pakistan is a laboratory for studying the use of American troops to combat terrorism"
    Synonyms :testing_ground campo_de_provas лаборатория campo_de_pruebas полигон 试验场 研究室 実験場 prove_a_terra testgelände laboratoire essais_au_sol 지상_테스트 
    See Also: region 

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